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MYO family meal kit

MYO family meal kit

MYO family meal kit (min. 32 serves and 8 dishes)

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Our house-made meats, sauces & staples combined into a family meal kit to serve 4-6 people with a combination of 8 different meals - that's $5.90 per portion!  Long-shelf life in the fridge or keep frozen for any time use.

Simply heat and serve with a selection of pantry staples included, or add your own salad or veggies or buy our veggie box and you're sorted!   Serving suggestions:

  • Pulled pork brioche burgers
  • Wagyu meatball subs
  • Chicken korma curry w. brown rice
  • Spinach & ricotta ravioli in Tuscan sauce
  • Chicken & latin bean enchiladas
  • Tuscan gnocchi
  • BBQ chicken wraps
  • Pulled pork, latin bean & brown rice burrito
  • Wagyu meatballs in Tuscan sauce w. risoni

House made meats & sauces - delivered frozen, easily microwaved, pan fried or sous vide/steamed 

  1. 1kg wagyu meatballs
  2. 1kg Cuban pulled pork
  3. 1kg garlic & herb chicken breast 
  4. 500g Latin beans
  5. 2 x 500g Tuscan herb sauce
  6. 500g smokey barbeque sauce

With quality pantry staples

  1. 500g Risoni pasta (cook like normal pasta)
  2. 500g Potato gnocchi
  3. 1kg Spinach & ricotta filled ravioli
  4. 1kg Brown rice
  5. Large tortilla wraps (12)
  6. Brioche burger buns (4)